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The first data in Somalia was collected in September/October 2017 from 560 respondents through a phone and Facebook online survey. In November 2018, the second round of data collection was conducted via phone with 500 respondents. The target groups in both cases were Somali residents affected by crisis, including internally displaced people.

The respondents came from the same regions in both years, namely Awdal, Woqooyi Galbeed, Togdheer, Sool, Sanaag, Bari, Nugaal, Mudug, Gedo, Lower Juba, Galgaduud, Hiraan, Middle Shabelle, Bakool, Bay, Lower Shabelle and Banadir. Respondents were drawn at random from the contracted data collector’s phone bank, which is largely representative of the Somalia/Somaliland population and contains approximately 33,500 phone numbers collected over five years of fieldwork in all parts of the country. All respondents in the phone bank provided their phone numbers knowingly and gave their consent to being contacted for research purposes.

Data aggregated by geographical region, type of accommodation, gender, age, status of person interviewed, gender of head of household, household size, number of dependents under the age of 18, and disability is available.

For more information on the sample and methodology employed in Somalia please view the reports here.