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The first two rounds of data in Lebanon were collected in May and July of 2017 as part of a project under the Mixed Migration Platform. The first round was conducted with 452 people across all five regions of the country (North Lebanon, Mount Lebanon, Beqaa, Beirut and South Lebanon) and focused on the perceptions of three distinct groups: Syrian refuges, Palestinian refugees from Syria and Palestinian refugees who have been in Lebanon for many years. The second round was conducted with 455 respondents in the same locations and across the same groups.

Subsequent rounds of data collection were conducted for our project tracking the Grand Bargain. Data was collected from 454 respondents in November 2016 and from 895 respondents in July 2018. The same localities and sample were employed as in previous data collections. The sample is not representative in that Palestinian refugees from Syria and Palestinian refugees who have been in Syria for many years only amount to 22% and 12% of the population, respectively. To strengthen reliability of smaller groups, these take up a larger share of the sample and the risk of overweighting groups and skewing the results has been mitigated by weighting the means of each sample size in accordance with the proportion of the population it covers.

Data was disaggregated by governorate, camp or informal tented settlement/private or shared accommodation, gender, age, status of person interviewed, year of arrival in Lebanon, type of accommodation, household size, number of dependents, head of household, gender, and disability.

For more information on the sample and methodology employed in Iraq for our work with the Mixed Migration Platform please view the reports here and for our work on the Grand Bargain here.