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In Dominica, interviews were conducted over five rounds with Dominicans impacted by Hurricane Maria. Each of Dominica’s 10 administrative parishes was sampled and the sample sizes for each parish were distributed proportionally to the population size as per updated settlement data provided by OCHA. Slight adjustments were made to ensure inclusion of the Kalinago Territory in addition to the sample in the Saint David enumeration area.

The data in the HVI consists of 2,120 responses by Dominicans. The first round of data collection was conducted in November 2017 with 399 Dominicans; the second round in January 2018 with 403 respondents; the third round between January and March 2018 with 444 Dominicans; the fourth round in April 2018 with 391; and the fifth round in May 2018 with 483 Dominicans.

Data disaggregated by gender, age quantile, current housing situation, parish, town, and size of household prior to Hurricane Maria is available.

For more information on the sample and methodology employed in Antigua and Barbuda please view the reports here.