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Data in Chad is being collected through face-to-face surveys in three regions: in Logone Oriental, with refugees and returnees fleeing the conflict in the Central African Republic; in the Lac region, with refugees and returnees fleeing the violence caused by Boko Haram; and in Ouaddai, with refugees displaced from Sudan. In all three regions interviews were also conducted with host communities.

For each region a representative sample was chosen based on the population sizes in each camp, site or village, as well as legal categories (refugees, returnees, host communities) and by gender. A maximum threshold of 15% of the sample was defined for host communities, as they would otherwise have been overrepresented.

A random sampling approach was employed to identify respondents, ensuring coverage across the entire camp, site or village.

The HVI so far includes data from the first round of data collection in Chad. It took place between May and July 2018. A total of 1,596 affected people were interviewed across the three regions. Of those, 542 were surveyed in Logone Oriental, 552 in the Lac region, and 502 in Ouaddai. Data will be collected and updated continuously.

For more information on the sample and methodology employed in Chad please view the reports here.