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Data in Austria was collected over two rounds. The first round took place in March 2017 and included surveys with 376 refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Vienna. Interviews were conducted face-to-face at three different counselling centres, two of which are run by Caritas Wien and one by Verein Ute Bock, and at three public accommodation centres for asylum-seekers.

The second round of data collection took place in July and August 2017 through telephone calls with refugees, migrants and asylum seekers outside Vienna. Based on a snowball sampling strategy, enumerators requested additional telephone numbers once the interview was completed in order to increase the sample size. Phone numbers were also provided by numerous organisations that assist refugees and other migrants across Austria. A total of 270 telephone interviews were conducted.

Data disaggregated by gender, age, country of origin, level of education, level of German class being attended, time of arrival, legal status, smartphone usage, and type of accommodation is available.

For more information on the sample and methodology employed in Austria please view the reports here.