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Methodology in this country

The first round of data in Uganda was collected in December 2017 through face-to-face surveys with 454 Sudanese refugees in the Bidi Bidi and Kiryandongo settlements. These settlements are comprised of zones that are further sub-divided into villages. For the purpose of this research, a number of clusters were drawn to compromise randomly selected villages. Ten interviews were conducted in each of the clusters.

The second round of data collection took place in July 2018 and a total of 607 interviews were conducted. The survey took place in the same geographical regions and settlements as last year, with the addition of Rhino camp in Arua. In Kiryandongo and Bidi Bidi, respondents were targeted from the same clusters as in 2017, although fewer villages were selected in order to bolster the sample size to 20 in each.

Data is disaggregated by geographical region, gender, age, gender of head of household, household size, number of dependents under the age of 18 years, year of arrival and year of registration in Uganda, allocation of a piece of land, and disability is available.

For more information on the sample and methodology employed in Uganda please view the reports here.