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The first round of face-to-face surveys with 783 individuals in Afghanistan was conducted in April 2017 across the following seven regions: Central, East, North, Northeast, South, Southwest and West. The sample was comprised of documented and undocumented Afghan returnees from Iran and Pakistan, Internally Displaced Persons and Pakistani refugees. The sampling objective was to have a representative sample in each of the seven regions in Afghanistan and for each of the groups of displaced populations.

In December 2018, the second round of data was collected from 600 respondents. The same geographical regions and populations as in 2017 were selected for the 2018 survey.

Data disaggregated by geographical region and province, type of settlement, type of accommodation, gender, age, status of person interviewed, ethnic identity, gender of head of household, household size, number of dependents under the age of 18, and disability is available.

For more information on the sample and methodology employed in Afghanistan please view the reports here.