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The Humanitarian Voice Index is a database that combines the data from all of Ground Truth Solutions’ major perceptual surveys since 2017. We use this data to analyse the state and trajectory of the humanitarian system from the perspective of affected people. Our goal is to make the perceptions of people affected by crisis the touchstone and driver of humanitarian effectiveness.


Ground Truth Solutions’ approach is to systematically collect the views of affected people on key aspects of humanitarian programming, analyse what they say and communicate these findings back to the humanitarian community to translate insights into programme and policy improvements.

The data included in this database has been collected through face-to-face surveys unless otherwise stated. The surveys have been administered by local data enumerators who have previously undergone training on perceptual surveys and the survey instruments.

In most cases, a representative sampling methodology was used with a gender split of 50:50. Other demographic variables, such as age, disability, and status of respondent (refugee, IDP, returnee, host community), were also collected to allow for relevant disaggregation of results.

Respondents were randomly selected and interviewed in their place of residence, in public places, on the street and at social gatherings.

When data was collected over several rounds in the same country, the same methodology, questions and, when possible, the same locations were used for the purpose of consistency and comparability.


The backend of the Humanitarian Voice Index is an SQL database that contains all the data from our large-scale surveys collected since 2017. It is continuously expanded as new data comes in and currently includes responses from more than 32000 respondents in 15 countries affected by humanitarian crisis. The database contains demographic information about the respondents, and attitude data that captures their feelings and thoughts about the humanitarian relief effort. It contains quantitative responses in the form of five-point Likert questions and qualitative responses in the form of multiple-choice and open-ended responses to survey questions.

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The Humanitarian Voice Index was first made possible by the generous support of the Conrad Hilton Foundation. Ground Truth Solutions’ core donors fund its continuous expansion and maintenance. We are particularly grateful to the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.